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    Some of the archers might be known to us. :) I hope to meet some of these folk in Dublin later this year at the World Field Championships.
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    Took a break from the traditional bows last year due to shoulder problems. I think I killed my second buck of a lifetime. Vpa riser with SKY longbow limbs at 45#.
  3. Hunting Camp
    Had a great night in the woods tonight. High pressure, clear cloud cover, and a small storm front coming tomorrow, I cashed in a few hubby chips and cancelled some afternoon meetings and hit the woods. Worked out as planned. She went 40 yards. If you haven't looked into the WF19 risers from CD...
  4. Hunting Camp
    I drew a 2nd deer tag here in the great state of Washington, a Mule deer doe in a specific GMU, since I had also drawn a Multi Season tag, this doe tag was for our Modern Firearm season. (We get to hunt with any legal weapon tho, so I chose my recurve...) Day one I hiked just over 9 miles, up...
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    Had a great hunt last night. Waited all season for a South wind to hunt the edge of standing corn. Finally got that wind and 3 doe followed the script. Shot this one at 10 yards and watched him (ended up being a button buck) go down 45 yards away. My 6 year old did a great job tracking him an...
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    After arriving Sunday, with the equipment inspection/official practice/opening ceremony held yesterday, today the Championship kicks off with the 24 Target Unmarked round. The format is an Unmarked round and then a Marked round. This decides the top 16 archers to go on to the Eliminations...
  7. Hunting Camp
    Tuesday I blew my hunt with a couple uncontrollable coughing fits during last 20 minutes of daylight. (Getting over bronchitis) Saw this lone doe in the clover field from the stand, so I climbed down, put the climber on my back and went after her. Got within 15 yards and put it through both...
  8. Hunting Camp
    Welp... The year started out with a bang. Had this 6 point come in to my stand location on opening morning of our early deer season. This year is the first year that you could harvest bucks in the management area during what usually was a 2 week early doe only season. He came in at 6:05 am...
  9. Watering Hole
    So the 2015 Rugby World Cup is underway with England securing a nervous win over a very strong Fijian side .... but ... OMG Japan have just beaten two time world champions South Africa. The rugby world has just shifted on it's axis .... game on as they say
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    Should be hitting the woods in about 2.5 hours for the season opener in Kansas. I plan to post pictures to go along with my excuses for missing and getting busted as the season goes along lol. This should a be a good season.
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    World Archery, the International Archery Federation, officially introduced 3D archery as one of its disciplines at the beginning of 2000 with the intention of attracting a very high number of archers, who in various countries in the world hunted with a bow, to sporting and athletic archery...
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    Well guys I don't have much of a video It's an elimination tournament that's rather fast paced so there is really no videoing till you get to the overall which I videoed last year when my buddy Ray was in it This year I left before the final due to Tony and John having long runs after we got...
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    For our Antipodean friends
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    Hi all, Hope it's okay to share this here as well as on the TT FB page. These are my photos from Day 1 of the 2015 Bowfest. Day 2 photos will be online as soon as I have time to process and upload them, and I'll share that link here when that's done...
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    I posted this over on Tradgang but I also would like to get the opinions from a different perspective over here. I am a tuning addict. I like to micro-tune my setups all the way down to changing my silencer locations by 1/4" at a time until I get perfect bareshaft flight out to 30 or 35 yards...
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1-16 of 63 Results