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    Okay, so I am bored. I started thinking of old posts, greatest hits so to speak. And that brought me to tree stands. I don't get them. I can't imagine ever wanting to spend the day sitting in a tree. So I am going to reprise my post asking, why do you spend so much time sitting in trees and why...
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    Hi Can anyone help me out with 1 - 2 , 2013 for footing GT , Entrada 600 ? Thank You Rick
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    Well the last 2 months have been a reflection time for me in archery. Ive spent a ton of time thinking about all the 30+ tournys we went to and breaking down each one. I looked deep to find all the areas i want to work on and things that needed to be addressed. I ended 2012 very strong in my...
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    It has not been an easy year, but there have been some really good happenings here on TT. First, looking at the members list we've had 240+ new members join us. Second, we've had several old friends stop by. Rusty, Bob Gordon, buejeger, and DAS to name a few. Sorry if I missed anyone else.
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    Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the 2013 rut in Tennessee.
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    This is the fourth international event organised by the Sports Club "Arcieri Torres Sassari" (formed in 1987). It is done in collaboration with the Italian Archery Federation (Fitarco), other Sport Clubs of the Island and with help from neighbouring Corsica. The club has previously hosted the...
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    First of all I just had the thread pulled down on TG. We told the story of the hunt and John's bull with a recurve and answered a question when asked about the 2nd bull. When I said we wouldn't tell that story as it was taken with a rifle, all hell broke loose and I had enough. So I'm going...
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    Alabama Society Of Traditional Bowmen 2013 Russ Dickson Fall Memorial Rendezvous When: September 14 & 15 2013 Where: Brierfield Iron Works Multi-Round Shoot Special Weekend Rates Available Traditional Equipment Only Everyone Welcome ASTB Tournament Rules No String Walking - No Stabilizers...
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    This is inspired by Sam Dunham... We have been PMing my archery elk season in Colorado that opened last Saturday. I would like to inspire the hunters out there to join this thread as their seasons transpires. Whatever you hunt, wherever you hunt. Looking for your tales (and trophies)...
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    It has already begun. Sunday 25 August 2013 Arrival of teams and Accreditation Unofficial practice Monday 26 August 2013 Terni City / Meadows of Stroncone Accreditation Official practice Equipment inspection Team Captain's meeting Opening Ceremony Tuesday 27 August 2013 1st...
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    This summer I had the good fortune to travel to Europe and shoot in the iffa European championships which was held in Hungary and the Estonian field championships. This experience has made me reassess my shooting and to rebuild my Longbow game. It was a tough tipping point experience I also had...
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    A compilation of photos taken at the competition. Try it at a reasonably hi-res, then sit back and ... enjoy!
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    Thought there'd be some interest in the photos I snapped at the Border Bowfest. It's an open competition as you can see - Border bow ownership is not a prerequisite. In fact, someone even brought a compound! (Or HEX26 as Sid called it :D)...
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    HERE is a link. The dates are September 21-22, 2013. Is anyone going? Rasyad
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    Denton Hill 2013 (video)2nd video added I just got a GoPro and I am learning how to use it and edit videos Here is my feeble attempt to document Denton Hill this year :)
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    The World Games in Cali open tomorrow until the 1st August, and includes field archery.
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    Dwayne after the beating you gave me in Cloverdale I have been practicing 6 hours a day. I will continue this practice schedule until we shoot in Cullman. I have been shooting extremely well at 10 yards as you can see by the photo. I will understand if you don't show up after seeing my awesome...
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    Just picked Olivia up at the airport - stopped by the club before I got her Defiantly farm country out here. Tents waiting for vendors Targets waiting for people Anyone and everyone who is attending please post up pics and thoughts - this everyone's thread. Bug and I are going to...
1-19 of 54 Results