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  1. Camera Land
    Meopta Artemis 2000 6x42 Riflescope only $429.99 The Meopta Artemis 2000 6x42 Riflescope is normally $599.95 and we have put it on sale for only $429.99 in your choice of Z-Plex, #4B, #8B, Mildot or #1 Reticles Meopta Reticle Chart These scopes feature: Steel 30mm Tube A Nitrogen purged and...
  2. The History Room
    Justin Ma‎Chinese Archery May 20 · Ever wonder what Chinese bows looked like 2,500 years ago? Here is a glimpse of some excavated wooden and bamboo bows (and their digital reconstructions) from the Spring & Autumn (771--446 BCE) and Warring States (445--221 BCE) periods. This illustration...
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    I purchased a Phil Grable SST 2000 in the early 70's for hunting. I returned limbs several times trying to solve the Maple limb butt checking that eventually extended into the inletted metal limb coupling which scared me a bit considering the heavy poundage limbs. The last set of replacement...
1-3 of 3 Results